Page 4 Printables

This is a packet of three blank game boards that I made just for you!  They come in handy all of the time.  Fill in the spaces with numbers, math facts, sight words, letters, digraphs, etc.  Be creative and make up your own games using dice, spinners and pawns.  I've provided them in color or black and white.  Print whichever one you want!
Just a fun way to practice putting numbers in order from least to greatest.  All you need is a set of poker chips and a sharpie.  :)  Write random numbers to 100 on the pokers chips.  Have students pull one chip of each color.  Then, arrange the chips in order from least to greatest.  Use this sheet to record your work.
I've had this idea for awhile and I finally got around to making it.  I'm gonna call it Text Message Spelling...or something like that.  Print and Copy these "blackberry" style phones and have them laminated.  Then let the kids use Expo markers to write seven of their spelling or sight words.  After that, have the kids hold the phone and use their thumbs to "text" the words.  Erase the words and start all over again.  I've got a good feelin' about this one!  I just know my class is going to love it.  :)
I use this writing paper for informational reports about animals.  The kiddos will use the icons to help them think of facts about their favorite animal.  Here's the icon key...question mark - opening sentence, eyeballs - how they look, fox - how they move, baby - tell about their young, hamburger - what they eat, house - their habitat, skull - their dangers, stop sign - closing sentence.  I usually get some really strong writing when I use this template.  The icons really seem to help the kids stay on topic!
I've always wanted to make one of these timelines.  I finally did it!  There's room for eight events.  The kids will revisit this throughout the year.  (I'll keep them safe between uses)  We will label, date and illustrate the events.  At the end of the year they'll have a cool timeline poster.  This activity needs to be printed on legal sized paper.  
I thought this might come in handy for you guys.  I like to do a little mock graduation at the end of every school year.  Find an MP3 of the "Graduation Song" (Pomp and Circumstance - Itunes) and give these diplomas out!  Not much work on your part...but the kid's get a big kick out of it.  They deserve to be recognized for all of their hard work!  
Here are the One Breath Boxes.  We use these to practice our sight words.  The rules are simple...Take one deeeeeeep breath and read all of the words in the box quick and fluent.  If you get hung up you'll probably run out of air and have to try again.  The kiddos LOVE this game!  I keep it in their chart folders for them to practice everyday.  
Here is the "Fly Facts" gameboard.  Check out the game description on my YouTube channel.  Your kiddos will love practicing addition and subtraction facts with this high energy activity.  The quicker you are...the more points you'll score.  This game it perfect for 2-4 players.  
Here is the printable for the "Wishlist Writing" activity!  Check out the matching video on YouTube for more info on how to use this one.  My kiddos have been loving this activity!  Flipping through the holiday wishbooks has been one of their favorite activities lately.  :)  Pop this one in a writing center to spice up the holiday season. 
Here's the printable that goes with my "I Spy Time" video.  The kiddos will have a blast hunting for hidden clocks throughout your room.  Their job is to find all of the clocks and label them on this sheet.  This is a fun (and quiet) game that my students enjoy during learning center time.